There is no question that Keane’s status has been cemented with their past three chart-topping releases, but Night Train reflects the U.K. trio in a different light, breaking the Top 40 boundaries the boys are known for catering to. While still melodic and pop friendly in all aspects, Night Train shows the band in a transition of some sorts, as the album was largely written while on a 28-country arena tour in support of their last album, 2008′s Perfect Symmetry, producing a piece of work that reflects both old and new Keane. Perhaps the edgiest move was collaborating with rapper K’NAAN and funk crooner Tigarah, creating an eclectic hot-pot that devoted followers might find surprising, but is just another addition to their quirky back catalog. Switching things up, “Your Love” features keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley on vocals, and Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “You’ve Got To Help Yourself” is dutifully covered. Comparing Night Train to their 2004 debut Hopes and Fears, shows an impressive growth many a U.K. act can’t display without fading away, and Keane are clearly only in the beginning of dominating the transatlantic charts. (Cherrytree/Interscope Records) –Andrea D’Alessandro