May 20th
Style Off and Refried Disco

You’ve watched America’s Top Model and definitely watched Project Runway (and maybe watched whatever that Scissors show for hair was called), and so now it’s time for you to show your mettle. Combine all of the above into your own extravagant strut and outfit in a competition to win the top prize.

The theme of this installment is “Islander vs. Highlander,” so bring on the sun, patterns and the good life vs. horns, swords and a quest for immortality. The top prize is endless adoration of the cute masses. And a hundred bucks. Do you know how much more adoration a hundred bucks of champagne can buy you? Or you can use the money wisely and invest in creating an outfit for the next month’s competition, that’s right, this thing is now monthly.

The judges are a smashing smattering of fashionistas and past participants and organizers of the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend.


9PM $5

Cremaster Film Cycle

The Cremaster Cycle is being screened at the IFC Center May 19th – June 3rd, however we single out May 20th because Mathew Barney, the Creator himself, will be present to do a Q&A with Richard Flood, the curatorial director at the New Museum, after the 7PM screening of Cremaster 4 &5. This is when you get to ask all of the pertinent questions you’ve had ever since last seeing  the work in film or stills.


Some possible questions:

  • Have you ever thought of using ants instead of bees to illustrate the social cycle of life? Ants are smarter, aren’t they?, is a follow up question.
  • A lot of the images in your work strike me as being hypersexual, so is it okay to masturbate to them?
  • Do you ever just sit down and have toast with jam or is it always a huge production?

For the full cycle dates and times and tickets visit the IFC website.

May 22-23
Ear and Eye Festival Todd Pendu is a different kind of otologist, one who likes to bring you lots of noise and candy and fix up nothing but your brooding soul. This weekend is the third annual Ear and Eye festival at The Knitting Factory, on both days the doors open at 3PM and feature a massive number of roaring bands and visual arts. The full info can be gleaned from the official Pendu website and below is the performer list shamelessly copy and pasted from that website.

SATURDAY MAY 22 BUY TIX NOW!! $17/day or $30/2-Day Pass

1:00AM Blank Dogs (
12:30AM White Ring (
12:00AM Effi Briest (
11:30 Mirror Mirror (
11:00 Living Days (
10:30 Passions (
10:00 Twin Stumps (
9:30 Liturgy (
9:00 Konnichiwa (
8:30 Fostercare (
8:00 Love Like Deloreans (
7:30 Hex Breaker Quintet (
7:00 Follower (
6:30 Human Resources (
6:00 Dubknowdub (
5:30 Pop 1280 (
5:00 Eli Keszler (
4:30 C. Lavender (
4:00 Loose Limbs (


SUNDAY MAY 23 BUY TIX NOW!! $17/day or $30/2-Day Pass

1:30AM Xeno & Oaklander (
1:00AM No Fun Acid (
12:30AM Blondes (
12:00AM Cult of Youth (
11:30 Naam (
11:00 SSPS (
10:30 Freshkills (
10:00 Laurel Halo (
9:30 Hunters (
9:00 Figure Study (
8:00 The Gamut (
8:30 Omega Jarden (
7:30 Desert of Colors (
7:00 Chaos*CM*Majik (
6:30 DIABLO (
6:00 GDFX (
5:30 Hallux (
5:00 Memorial Gore
4:30 Effing (
4:00 Source of Yellow (

$17 for one day or $30 for both

May 22nd
Video Art & Experimental Film Festival
Well, that title just says it all so succinctly, it’s a twitter ready title. The film screening is two hours long (shorts, shorts and more shorts) followed by a panel discussion and then an open bar where the panel discussion will proceed in earnest. I really hope for some trash talking to elevate this into a bigger festival next year, because short films need a hell of a lot more attention than their feature snooze-fest counterparts.

The event takes place at Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick Street, New York, NY.

Here’s a short film (not related to this festival)

For tickets and other information visit the VideoArt website.