After witnessing Carney enchant Pianos last night at their invite-only shindig, one would be considerably hard pressed to disagree with director Julie Taymor’s decision to hire frontman Reeve Carney to star in her upcoming Broadway production of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.

What to say, really, about four guys (Carney’s brother Zane, drummer Jon Epcar and bassist Aiden Moore) with the type of remarkable, classically trained talent displayed too rarely these days over bands who rely chiefly on trendy electro-blips, laptops and sponsorships? How to argue with charismatic Reeve, so clearly a born entertainer, who’s elegant looks and soaring voice (think a note-perfect mixture of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke with shades of Chris Cornell’s higher range) would make anyone nervous. But really, the most logical reaction is to be frightened; this type of effortlessness is scary.


Although the quartet’s recently released debut album, Mr. Green: Volume 1 would suggest that the Los Angeles-based Carney could find a sizeable audience with fans of the Temper Trap, Keane and Snow Patrol, the guys who took the stage last night (and slayed) proved to be purveyors of an unpredictably broad, bold, kaleidoscopic sonic palette. Shades of 70s glimmer rock, 80s Sunset Strip decadence (and a bit of The Police), and boogie blues all coalesced to impressive heights during sweaty outings of “Resurrection,” potential monster radio hit “Tomorrow’s Another Day” (seriously release this pronto), current single “Love Me Chase Me” and the tenaciously atmospheric album closer, “Testify.” Romantic charmer “Amelie” was lovely in its skippy, unrequited yearning.


Perhaps it was the jaw-dropping covers of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Reeve solo) and a full-band psych bug-out on The Beatles’ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” that most elicited those in attendance to mutter, “Damn,” and place their bets on this young and studied brood. After all, the frontman is a superhero for his day job now, and his band is set to man the orchestra pit. Watch your hearts and your pockets, friends; these guys, if given half a chance, might really just be IT. –Carrie Alison, Photos by Carrie Alison

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