The slow build of opener “Dance Yrself Clean,” with its steady tapping and synth-heavy, cathartic finish, is the perfect intro for an album filled with equal parts jubilant release and bittersweet, meditative revelation.  James Murphy’s analog prowess and his curatorial sense of making new discoveries while blending genres is once again spot on in This is Happening. Spinning right into sardonic dance single “Drunk Girls” and then the art-rock “One Touch” next proves his uncanny talent for mixing his favorite musical styles, from straight-up 70′s art-rock to unbridled dance, without it becoming a hodgepodge.

Though the first bars of “All I Want” sound directly nicked from Bowie’s “Heroes,” this too, can be forgiven since it’s a clever nod to the genius who came before, and also, since it’s one of the most emotionally-charged songs on the album.  Murphy’s words no longer read like secondary filler or as if written at the last moment, with refrain “All I want is your pity/Oh all I want are your bitter tears” coming straight from the gut.  It can’t help but strike a chord.

Though This is Happening follows a similar pattern (dance/think/dance) to LCD Soundsystem’s  2005 debut, this is a deeper, more refined and full work, a testament to the stunning growth of an artist not afraid to deal with getting older while falling even more in love with the music of his youth. (EMI/DFA) –Madeline Virbasius

  1. just an fyi: the last album was called ‘Sound of Silver’, this one is called ‘This is Happening’. You may want to correct that.


  2. yes, thanks. Temporary glitch in the system!


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