It took almost 30 years, but The Wake finally made it to America, playing to an awe-struck and jam-packed Bell House on Saturday night. Although members of the original lineup were not fully present, Gerard “Caesar” McInulty and Carolyn Allen repped on lead vocals and keyboard, respectively, teaming up with members of fellow Glaswegian outfit The Orchids, supporting on drums and bass. It’s easy to forget notable facts like Bobby Gillespie was once part of these thriving post-punk pioneers, who toured with New Order and were signed to Factory Records; a credit oodles of bands would die for.

Having collaborated to record a new album, and recent performances at Popfest London and a mini 2009 Factory reunion in Brussels, it was about time that Popfest NY made itself the vessel for The Wake to bring their ultimate brand of moody, broodingly delicate post-punk to our lucky shores. Their most well-known release, 1985′s Here Comes Everybody was represented, with “Talk About the Past,” “Here Comes Everybody,” “Gruesome Castle,” and the favorite [and recently rescusitated Nouvelle Vague cover] “O Pamela.” “Heartburn,” “Uniform,” “Favour” and “The Sands” were other splendid moments, and despite cheers for “On Our Honeymoon,” fans will be left waiting (hopefully a short time) to hear it live. Crowning Popfest’s closure was no mighty feat, and The Wake couldn’t have been a more suitable ending.  –Andrea D’Alessandro