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Bonnaroo 2010: Rules Of The Road

As I travel to Bonnaroo, I would like to accomplish a few goals. Here are my top 5: 1) Take a picture of every state’s “Welcome” sign – there is something refreshing and exciting about entering a new state. I would like to capture those moments with a photo.

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Bonnaroo 2010: Entering The Festival

Before my life revolved around music, booze, women, and business I was quite the amateur baseball player. Playing baseball came first in my life from age 6 to 16, and there wasn’t a close second. One of my fondest memories was opening day. The feeling among us players was electric, it was palpable. The smell of the freshly cut grass was a huge shot in the arm. The whole experience was a picnic of feelings and emotions.

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ArpLine: Vibes, Hooks and Travel Books

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It was all fun and laughter as I caught up the lads of ArpLine for a brief but entertaining chat after recent show at Pianos. Even with a stressful load out (they were the last band of the evening and the late night DJ-set party crowd had already started arriving, blocking the stage exit)…

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Bonnaroo 2010: Just Like Your Supermarket

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When visitors from overseas come to the US, many of them run into an overwhelming experience that most Americans take for granted – they have trouble navigating through a supermarket. The supermarket is in many ways is the epitome of American excess.

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DJ-Kicks: James Holden, the Juan Maclean and Kode9

The !K7 DJ-Kicks series, now in its seventh year, has always seemed to live in the shadow of London’s all- encompassing Fabric mix compilations. But !K7′s curent set of spring/summer releases are a ridiculously strong trifecta.

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Voice Your Voice: Hank & Cupcakes Song Title

I wrote earlier about Hank & Cupcakes, well their new song doesn’t have a title yet, so pitch in.

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