As I travel to Bonnaroo, I would like to accomplish a few goals.  Here are my top 5:


1) Take a picture of every state’s “Welcome” sign – there is something refreshing and exciting about entering a new state.  I would like to capture those moments with a photo.

2) Drive straight through with no breaks – this doesn’t sound realistic, but it is a goal of mine.  My bladder can handle it. 

3) Avoid drug sniffing dogs – I don’t partake in any party favors.  Seriously.  No, seriously.  But there is something so Gestapo-esque about highway patrol when they use drug sniffing dogs.  It gives off a bad energy.

4) Laugh regularly – this isn’t a tangible goal and though it is a goal, one cannot work towards achieving it without forcing laughter.  But one can attempt to create the proper environment to bring on the laughter.  At the end of the trip, I’ll know if I achieved it.

5) Listen to great music throughout the entire trip - this will set the tone for the festival and get in the right frame of mind. 

-Chris Dino