Veil Veil Vanish graced the stage at Brooklyn’s Coco 66 on Thursday night and delighted the audience — a mix of Goth and indie types — with a sublime and utterly enthralling performance. A cool blend of post-punk, minimal/dark wave and shoegaze influences, the band’s sound recalls earlier acts from the Chameleons and the Cure to My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. The San Francisco-based quintet is currently on a brief East Coast tour in support of their recent full-length debut, Change in the Neon Light (Metropolis).

The band’s intensity onstage equaled that on the album, from singer Keven Tecon’s emotionally fervent vocals, and often socially conscious lyrics, to guitarist Cameron Ray’s passionate playing (with lots of pedals).  Veil Veil Vanish’s songs, atmospheric, catchy and very danceable, captivate with enchanting guitar melodies and bass lines that vary from slow and subsonic to rapid fire and punchy. The band is rounded out with bassist Amy Rosenoff, keyboardist Justin Anastasi and drummer Robert Marzio.


Starting off with “Reproach,” from the 2007 EP, Into a New Mausoleum (self-released), the remainder of the set featured songs from the new album and included “Anthem for a Doomed Youth” and the album’s title track. Often with a fist in the air, Tecon’s performance was especially fiery on crowd favorites “Detachment” and on “Modern Lust.”  The band closed with one of my favorites, the rather brooding “Wilderness,” which saw Rosenoff and Anastasi switching instruments, and Tecon manning keyboards and guitar. 

Opening the evening was Brooklyn band Revel Hotel, delivering a dramatic performance with a set of dark, new-wave influenced, synth-driven goth tunes.  Also on the bill was the even darker but charming, Entertainment, from Athens, GA, whose songs recall 1980s goth, particularly Bauhaus, and who even ended with an instrumental cover of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.”

Veil Veil Vanish and Entertainment will be at Lit Lounge in New York on Sunday, June 20. 

–Teresa Sampson, Photos by Tear-n Tan

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