One of our favorite discoveries of the last year, Unicycle Loves You, is set to release their sophomore album, Mirror, Mirror, on September 7, 2010 via Highwheel Records.

Said to be “heavily influenced by cult horror films and science fiction,” Mirror, Mirror looks to delve into the “mischievous world that hides behind the looking glass.” The album’s first single/title track can be heard right here.

Back in February, band co-founder Jim Carroll told us of the Mirror, Mirror sessions: “…This time around we are doing it all ourselves. No studio. No producer. No more ‘to many cooks in the kitchen.’ We will have total control over how our next album sounds. That’s the way we’ve always functioned before, and that’s how we gained the attention of a label and a producer in the first place. It’s all musicians’ dream to have total control over their art and actually have it get out there to the press and to the public, and I’m so excited about it, I might just explode!”

Mirror, Mirror Track Listing
1. Lethal Attraction
2. Quagga
3. Time Bandits
4. Teenage Ghost House
5. The Wickedest Man In San Francisco
6. Justine
7. Mountain Lungs
8. Mirror, Mirror
9. A Second Look
10. There’s A Giant Walking In My Heart
11. Magnetic Horses
12. Evil Unmasked
13. Evil Twin
14. The Small Print