Liars play each show as if it’s their last and never disappoint, and if you’ve caught them live this year, you might say they’ve become a sisterhood of sorts (yes, the title of their latest album, Sisterworld, says all).  No, it’s got nothing to do with soft femininity (or Angus Andrew’s swiveling hip dances), but rather, the opposite: the trio is super tight and unrelenting in a no-holds barred, warrior musician way. Seeing them outdoors with the East River as backdrop tonight was almost as good as their super-charged appearance at the 2nd annual Siren Festival all those years ago (hard to believe that was 2002).

Fucked Up would have been a hard act to follow for any other band, but Liars did the night justice with over an hour’s worth of dangerously busy tunes like “Scissor”, (which singer Angus mentions was written in Brooklyn, after he pauses to admire the Manhattan skyline peaking out through the industrial fence), ending the night with the fierce and always spooky “Broken Witch.”

We wandered over to Coco 66 after a few drinks to discover Parenthetical Girls.  Chiseled cheekbone singer Zac Pennington, at one point asks, “Are we just a clown show?,” mais non, but he could be a one-man cabaret.  Zac, the sassy frontman is, at different points throughout the set, channels bits of Oscar Wilde meets Morrissey meets Molko/Placebo meets Anderson/Suede meets Jarvis Cocker and it’s all very charming. His band is just as up to their end of the task of putting on a colorful show.

You might say, let’s just give Zac a green carnation and a top hat and call it a day, but no, he’s a born performer, taking over the room, and captivating us from first warbling falsetto note to last without need for kitsch or dapper flourishes.--MV/video by Zabatay