It’s been a while since I’ve written about dance rock and how revolutionary it can be when done right. It seems like just yesterday we were being wowed by Franz Ferdinand and the oodles of bands that washed ashore with their tide. But now, with the lull that we’ve been experiencing on this side of the pond, there is finally a Brit band that can get us dancing again: Delphic. Hailing from where else but Manchester, it leads me to believe there is indeed something in the water there that helps these bands get us going on the dancefloor. As the band likes to note, they fit somewhere in between Creamfields and Reading festivals; one a purveyor of purely danceable grooves and the latter, your classic rock fest. With electronic god Ewan Pearson on their side as producer (he’s worked with M83, Tracey Thorn, the Rapture and churned out his own amazing work), it’s no wonder Acolyte is the band’s ticket to playing the big stages this time next year. The album is a trip via the band’s laptop(s), which created these futuristic yet classically appealing sounds, coupled with the expected guitar and bass, and the notable takeaways ”Clarion Call,” “Submission” and “Halycon.” Overall, I enjoyed their sound best when listening from start to finish, and floating on a cloud of sheer bliss with the knowledge that a new party band has emerged with an honest sound that will define the summer of 2010. (Dangerbird Records) –Andrea D’Alessandro