Antony and the Johnsons have confirmed the tracklisting for Swanlights, their fourth studio album due October 12th on Secretly Canadian.

Said to be “Antony’s most wide-rangingly emotional work to date,” Swanlights “is a record that is at moments heartbreakingly  tender, and at other times has a joyful gleam to its teeth.” No doubt fans of the oddball king of shiver-inducing vibrato will delight at this apparent tonal departure. Standout tracks are said to be album opener “Everything is New,” with its “newborn piano melody” that slowly builds to a “a feral cacophony of sound,” “Flétta,” a duet with frequent collaborator Björk, and the soulful “Thank You For Your Love,” with its “emotional gallop that reveals an underlying pathos.”

Swanlights Tracklisting
1. Everything is New
2. The Great White Ocean
3. Ghost
4. I’m In Love
5. Violetta
6. Swanlights
7. The Spirit Was Gone
8. Thank You For Your Love
9. Flétta (with Björk)
10. Salt Silver Oxygen
11. Christina’s Farm

As previously reported, a special edition of Swanlights (meant to be viewed as depictions of ” the natural and spiritual world under siege”) will contain a 144-page book by Abrams Image, boasting “Antony’s paintings, collages, photography and writing.” Representations of “Christina’s Farm” and “The Creek” are below.




–Carrie Alison