“Ne Discotheque”, an electro-rock stomper with a whip smart tempo, ranks as one of the most captivating opening tracks I’ve heard in ages by an act entirely new to me, paving the way for the surprises you’ll hear from this young Moscow band (as in the Russian city), on their album, Cosmoventura.  The title itself is perfect, summoning up big screen adventures worthy of kooky cosmonauts, all relayed by a band with the cheeky name Coockoo. Their catchy “Groupies’ Anthem (F.U.C.K.)”, which first got them widespread attention around Moscow, is a standout, and just might become a Russian indie pop rock anthem as did Pulp’s hit “Common People” in the UK when unleashed on BBC Radio back in 1996. Coockoo is worthy of the tag eclectic, with vibrant songs in English, and an album which revels in mixing genres and international sounds, exploring everything from Britpop to experimental, jazzy interludes.–Selina S. (Sonicbids pick)