Jelly NYC’s Pool Parties are back, thank you very much!  Once again the East River and amazing views of Manhattan’s famous skyline can be enjoyed whilst listening to some great music and baking in the oft unforgiving seasonal heat. The annual, hipster-loving summer event series kicked of on Sunday with a full bill featuring Denver’s Pictureplane (spinning dance music, replete with a Lady Gaga look-a-like in a fat suit and a human dressed as a bacon, egg, and cheese salad/sandwich), Fang Island, Why?, and Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu joining forces to present and perform Joy Division’s landmark 1979 debut album, Unknown Pleasures.



This year’s layout of the Pool Parties is quite different compared to last year.  For one thing, the stage (a bit too high) is on the other side facing the East River.  So now, if you want to see the Empire State Building, you don’t have to walk behind the stage, you just have to turn around 180.  The dodgeball area is also smaller, for those of you who need the exercise and like purple and blue.


Brooklyn’s phenomenally talented Fang Island and their intricate guitar work that could easily be imagined in a larger venue; big sound and arena rock is probably what they were aiming for with their sweaty performance.


Cincinnati’s super-impressive Why? and frontman Yoni Wolf were fun to watch, even if his nasally voice seemed to make their slow easy beats just seem super comfortable and enjoyable.  While the hot bass lines and poppy melody of “These Few Presidents” made you want to jump up from your lounge chair and start dancing…sexily, the hilariously naughty lyrics of “Good Friday,” “I am what the hell using Purell/ till my hands bleed and swell” made you cringe and laugh at the same time.


After Why? Senator Chuck Schumer came onstage to introduce the final performance of the evening.  Unfortunately, some people had to turn a day of music and fun into a political heckle fest as “Free Gaza!” was shouted out by some unruly audience members towards the Senator.  Way to bring down a fun event, Debbie Downers.  Can you just enjoy the day and leave that other stuff on your blog, please?



The night’s main act was an interesting concept as Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu (combined as a sextet) were there to perform not their own songs, but Joy Division’s debut album Unknown Pleasures.  Starting off the night with the lead track, “Disorder,” Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart summoned up the ghost of Ian Curtis to take on the daunting task of vocals.  The amazing guitar work of Deerhoof’s John Dieterich and Satomi Matsuzaki was equally impressive especially on “Shadowplay” during what I like to call “that pretty part.”  On drums was Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, while Angelo Seo of Xiu Xiu performed secondary percussions and keys, and Deerhoof’s Ed Rodriguez took on the bass role. –Tear-n Tan, Photos by Tear-n Tan

  1. Why I Fucked with Chuck:


  2. Debbie downer?

    Please if you had sense you’d know that Schummer is war monger.

    sorry it ruined your little fantasy reality. while you’re watching a free concert millions of palestenians are being ethnic cleansed and thousands of iraqis killed directly because our govt. dont blame the heckler. blame reality, blame the govt.


  3. This being in the *now* Williamsburg, I’ll place a bet that the hecklers were hedge funders who didn’t get what they thought they paid for from Schumer.

    What? I’m not starting


    zabatay Reply:

    @zabatay, I’ve read the post at Jews Against Chutzpah (cool name) and since it’s such a thoroughly well written defense of the actions, I’m going to just apologize for leaving dumb ass comments here and go home now.