Murder City Devils

Sunday’s second Jelly NYC Pool Party of 2010 sure brought on the rowdy, despite the heat.  The youthful joy and enthusiasm of seeing one’s favorite band was well displayed  en masse when Seattle’s Murder City Devils took the stage.  Originally asked to perform during the old pool parties at McCarren Park, vocalist Spencer Moody confessed to the crowd that they had initially said no because they wanted a stage that was big enough for them.  The new waterfront locale seemed to have accommodated their intense set for the fist punching, crowd-surfing fans.  The Zach Galifianakis-looking frontman seemed deceptively sweet and demure on stage as the music started up, but don’t be fooled.

Murder City Devils

When Moody opened his mouth, the violent roars that spilled out of his throat would scratch your ear drums like sandpaper on newborn flesh.  This seemed to have been just fine for the devoted crowd who sang (or shouted) along during their set.  If you like Fucked Up, you should give them a listen.  MCD’s tempo and beats are a smidge slower, but just as aggressive.


Just before Murder City Devils were Brooklyn’s Obits, who brought along their own prop: a Super Soaker water weapon.  Frontman Rick Froberg handed it to the crowd requesting only one thing, that they didn’t point it at them.  Luckily, “them” was in the same direction as the photo pit so I wasn’t hit.  The four-piece played a great set laying out some tracks filled with feedback, drones, and sixties inspiration.

JEFF the brotherhood

Also playing Sunday were Detroit electro duo Silverghost (sadly, I missed them) and Nashville’s Jeff the Brotherhood, with Jake and Jamin Orrall putting on some rock steady drum beats and soaring guitars, despite some tech difficulties during their set.–Tear-n Tan/photos by Tear-n Tan