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The DeathSet Play Pool Party in Brooklyn This Sunday 07.25.2010 With Lightning Bolt

This new video from The Deathset is a remix of a song by Daedalus (the two acts are pretty far apart on the genre spectrum), Johnny Siera from the band summarizes it thus:

“We also did a remix for Daedelus last year and the good peeps at
Project Fathom did this dope animation video. Switched it up doing a
kind of punk remix of a dance track, why the eff not right?”

It’s worth to click through to read the rest of his letter. (Update the Jelly pool party moved to Brooklyn Bowl, will start at 5:30)

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HEALTH and Midnight Juggernauts at Santos Party House, 07.22.2010

Intense is the most fitting description for HEALTH, the groovy electro-noise band from Los Angeles. The incredible aural assault started the moment they took to the stage Thursday night at Santos Party House, generating a hailstorm of guitars, synths and samples spiked with wicked effects and danceable beats.

24 Jul 2010 | More