It was quite a pleasure to catch Tanya Horo’s intimate solo performance at Arlene’s Grocery on Sunday evening.  Perhaps better known as the lead singer of indie band Sherlock’s Daughter, the talented multi-instrumentalist has been working on a solo record that will be released digitally in the coming weeks. 

Horo’s solo show, however, was a complete contrast to those of Sherlock’s Daughter.  Save for an electric guitar, Sunday’s set was unplugged, with an autoharp the only additional instrument, and the absence of percussion and keyboards (other instruments that Horo plays), was barely noticeable.  Whispery and ethereal, Horo’s voice is captivating.  Her songs, often melancholic and with poignant lyrics, are utterly mesmeric. 

Included in the set were “A Song to Stop the Laughter,” (on autoharp), “Spooked (A Song to Keep a Lover),” the hauntingly beautiful “But if You Leave,” and a lovely cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat.” –Teresa Sampson, photo by Teresa Sampson