BEAK> are coming to the U.S. in September for a precise number of dates, “on a diplomatic mission to the United States to rebuild the special relationship between our two great countries” (meaning the U.S. and the UK).  As they state, they  will do this “by performing music in several cities and returning to you the multinational companies  McDonalds Wall Mart and Krispy Kreme Donuts, then in return we will take British Petrolium and their oil spill back to the United Kingdom shore’s to be dealt with by the proper authorities, the government of her royal highness the Queen of England.”

Experience BEAK> for yourself to explore the dirge effects of light crashing against shadow, with hypnotic ultra-Neu beats combined with the intense ambience of a Caravaggio discovered in a dusty church closet.  It’s partly the work of Geoff Barrow of Portishead, so you know it’s going to be captivating.

9.03 NYC Bowery Ballroom

9.04 Monticello, NY ATP

9.07 San Francisco The Independent

9.10 Los Angeles Troubadour

“metronomic rhythms stretched like elastic; percussion as precise as surgery”–Q Magazine says, with 4stars