Fan worship is a serious art no matter if it’s a rabid swarm of soccer hooligans or rockers, but when it’s a PBR-fueled crowd experiencing the garage kickin’ Black Lips on a rollicking, Rocks Off boat cruise, watch out.
On Monday night, fans formed a cage of fist-pumping, arms raised action, framing the tiny stage so it was nearly impossible to catch even a glimpse of a guitar or band member’s sneaker. A bouncer whose girth fit the width of the stage tried his best to form a wall between band and fans, but it didn’t stop some from trying at all costs (and succeeding), to get a touch of one of the feisty Lips as they played a fire and brimstone set aboard The Temptress. Trusty sing-a-long anthems like “O Katrina!” and the psych-infused “Buried Alive” caused true rock and roll chaos that would make Joey Ramone proud.

Brooklyn’s own K-Holes were the perfect warm-up, bringing on a swampy, Crampsian love fest before dark. Fans danced non-stop, creating a sweaty, celebratory mosh that made us forget momentarily about the calm seas and cityscape beyond. Who needs sparkly views when the dancefloor deck below has become your own insane mardi gras?–MV/Video by Zabatay