There are few reasons to show up anywhere on time: doctor appointments, appearances before a judge, alternate side parking of your car and funerals.

The reasons to show up early are even more scarce: a hot date or a good opening band.

Last night, Friday the 13th, I had both a hot date and a chance to see Soars play live an early set at Glasslands.

Their current hit is “Throw Yourself Apart”: brooding excellence, a methodical spiral burrowing into the psyche; this should have been used on the Inception soundtrack.

Their thundering, tree-shaking bass is unfortunately belittled by the recording on my camera and I was surprised by the weight imparted in their live set as compared to the much produced, almost ethereal recordings.  Though my date noted that they could use a drummer to make the sound even bigger, there is grit and grime imparted in the best way by the foursome, making me leave my comfortable beer and cold seat to make my way close to the stage.

After their short four song set, I was yelling “one more”, “one more please.” Alas, that wasn’t possible. Glasser was going on next. As I walked back from the stage, the singer, Chris Giordani, caught me and said: “sorry, we can’t do another one, time constraints.”

Next time Soars will have the center stage.

P.S. The recording above is sub-par due to my equipment, but do give a listen to their recording of “Throw Yourself Apart” and visit the Soars.

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