On a gloomy Sunday in Brooklyn, they came out to dance, and they came in droves, despite the depressing weather and 40% chance of a downpour.  They were told that if they danced really hard in the rain, it would feel good.  They believed what they were told, so they danced… hard.

In tiny blue shorts, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) frontman Nic Offer came out and thrusted over and over and over to a moist, but not quite drenched crowd.  With their bold mish-mash of sounds, ranging from funk, disco, rock, electronica, to anything and everything, the band came out to promote their new album, Strange Weather, Isn’t It?, which should win an award as the perfect album title to celebrate at an outdoor fest, especially on a day like this. Though the band wasn’t quite sure what the actual release date was, (September 3rd, August 24th were thrown around), Offer asked the crowd if they liked “the new shit.”

Offer was one with the audience as he jumped over the photo pit and into the crowd at least 3 times, and at one point pantomimed a fellatious act with a lad who later played as if drained after the deed.  Though the rain was minimal for the openers, the pace steadied during !!!’s performance.  Not that that stopped the people from dancing.
Opening up for !!! was soul legend bringing a retro comeback of 60′s-70′s goodness, Lee Fields, with backing band, The Expressions.  In a bright white suit, the throaty and intense vocals of Fields made you long for some mercy, mercy me.

The spry Fields had so much energy during his set, he performed an air split during “Money I$ King”, something many half his age probably would not even attempt, including yours truly.  With hands in the air and lots of grooving going on, Fields dedicated “Ladies” to, yes, you guessed it, all the ladies in the audience.
The eclectic day also included a set by The Strange Boys with some country/soul/rock and Future Islands with their new wave, electronic sounds.  It was a miracle this mega dance party wasn’t forced by the elements to be stuffed into Brooklyn Bowl.--Tear-n Tan/Photos by Tear-n Tan

  1. That last photo is a really delicious glass of port after the great dinner that is this write-up.


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