The Library is on Fire was in top form for Tuesday’s performance at Mercury Lounge.  The Brooklyn indie rock trio is always intense onstage, and this time was no exception as they blazed through an impressive and impeccably tight set with a remarkable display of confidence and energy.

The band’s dynamic lo-fi sound has drawn favorable comparisons to 1990’s alternative legends Guided By Voices, Dinosaur Jr. and Nirvana.  Lead singer Steve Five’s emotive vocals trend from sweet and subtle to fits of screaming, all as he’s churning out brilliant guitar melodies and distortion-ladened power chords, backed with Mark Shue’s signature style of deep distorted bass riffs and Pete Sustarsic’s powerful precise drumming.

Kicking off with a non-album track, “Massachusetts Girl,” Tuesday’s set drew heavily from the critically acclaimed 2010 album, Magic Windows, Magic Nights (Fill in the Blank Records) and included “Vanessa’s Theatre of Peace” and “Pointing Fingers,” both with nice vocal harmonies.  Shue handled lead vocals on “I Am Warrior.”  The band performed one brand new song, “Broken Guitar” as well as an older tune, “Pink Rock In The Front Yard,” from the 2007 debut, Cassette.

The Library is on Fire will perform again at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn on Saturday, August 28, and will return to the studio in October to begin recording their third album. –Teresa Sampson, Photos by Teresa Sampson