Boardwalk Empire is the talk of the town, being that it’s the upcoming HBO series directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Terence Winter (known for the Sopranos), starring everyone’s favorite, Steve Buscemi. The series premiere kicks off on September 19th at 9pm on HBO.

The show may be set in the flapperific, prohibition-era Atlantic City of 1920, but it’s also got a special place in Sentimentalist Mag’s speakeasy-loving heart because it was filmed mere blocks away, on a recreated boardwalk built on our own Greenpoint waterfront, as well as in the nearby Steiner Studios.

Check out the prohibition-ready package just sent over from our friends at Cornerstone (courtesy of HBO and Canadian Club), tucked away inside a hollowed out copy of The Anti-Saloon Year Book (1920 edition), which “tracked the temperance movement’s progress from year to year.”  Cheers Nucky!

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