Hotly tipped, “forever bummed” and aimless, tattooed ”f–k up,” Christopher Mansfield, the man behind Fences, will release his debut self-titled affair on September 28th via Onto Entertainment/ADA.

Produced by Sara Quin (Tegan and Sara), and recorded over the span of 10 days in Victoria, BC, Fences finds Mansfield, his wavering baritone and wounded acoustic guitar sorting through devastating heartbreak, fear and what might be considered fleeting postivity to galvanizing effect. Think Elliott Smith and the solo work of E (Eels) and you’ve found a happily burdened soul brother for life.


Sep 5 2010                        Seattle, WA                                      KEXP Music Lounge
Sep 5 2010                        Seattle, WA                                      BUMBERSHOOT
Sep 23 2010                      Seattle, WA                                     The Crocodile
Sep 24 2010                      Portland, OR                                    Mississippi Studios
Sep 25 2010                      Bellingham, WA                               The Green Frog
Sep 27 2010                      Vancouver, BC, CANADA                The Biltmore Cabaret
Sep 28 2010                      Seattle, WA                                      Sonic Boom Ballard
Oct 4 2010                         Los Angeles, CA                              Silverlake Lounge
Oct 6 2010                         San Francisco, CA                           The Rickshaw Stop
Oct 7 2010                         Davis, CA                                         Sophia’s Thai Kitchen
Oct 8 2010                         Eugene, OR                                     Sam Bond’s Garage