The silent majesty of the jellyfish has to be the one of the most striking of inspirations we came across in the first round of spring/summer 2011 fashion presentations today at Milk Studios.  Mandy Coon’s models, with faces radiating an underwater, luminous glow, had bowl cut-shaped hair, braided across the front to nearly hide the eyes.

Clothes were an intriguing melding of organic and raw, crisp and futuristic, in a restricted palette of bright corals, cream, grey and black, as if caught in a glamorous rip tide with fraying hems, rubberized fabrics recalling jellyfish tendrils, seaweed and the haunting sea at sunset.

Kimberly Ovitz’s modern designs, limited to white and black, had a sharper kind of quiet fluidity, with models in austere black eye makeup standing within a set of clean edges, angled mirrors and bright, white lights, as if locked inside a futuristic spring temple.

Billy Reid’s latest men’s collection brought a boyish dose of sporty summer to the night, with young men posed in front of antique doors as an homage to the romantic, decaying mansions of the Deep South.  Clothes, a mix of retro, high-waisted trousers, Nantucket-ready madras, fitted schoolboy blazers, loose ties and casual button downs, were ready for a summer weekend getaway.

LNA kept it casual and comfortable with skinny track pants, loose neck tees, easy, asymmetrical dresses and slim skirts.  Hues paired basic grey and black with pop colors from melon to blue and hot pink.  Designers Lauren Alexander and April Leight create vibrant silhouettes that match simplicity with sculptural designs, sporty with an edge.