Remember when Klaxons were first heralded as co-pioneers in the mid-decade movement dubbed “Nu Rave”?  Wayfarers and neon spandex aside, it was a good time for music.  Bands in that “genre” were experimental, slightly crass and looking towards a future sound that didn’t seem to quite have a place on the musical horizon.  This sound also took on a part of the glamradery and decadence that captured the late seventies.  Moving ahead three years, Klaxons are back, sans the rave.  Well, maybe a little rave.  Myths of the Near Future may have been the lucky strike that scored these uber-cool Londoners a Mercury Award, but Surfing the Void proves to be the resulting project.

After surfing the high of winning that prestigious prize, Klaxons had to regroup, choosing to redo the album and prove their earnings: perhaps they were surfing a three-year void to produce this nugget. “Flashover” and debut single “Echoes” remind me of what Bowie would have done if he was young today, and everything else on the album is smooth, spacey, unexpected, yet flows perfectly.  Produced by L.A. man Ross Robinson, who worked with a diverse array from The Cure to At the Drive In, there are elements of epic, (almost Muse-like) radio-friendliness and perfect harmonies, but also, plenty of energizing, angsty and gritty parts that dot the album. This has shown results overseas, propelling Surfing the Void to a top ten in the UK, Europe, Australia and Japan. (After wowing them at good old Reading & Leeds this summer and triumphing in Europe, Klaxons head over to NY (Sept 19-22) to regain their Wayfarer-less following). --Andrea D’Alessandro

(Downloadable on iTunes from September 21, 2010, upcoming US release on tinyOGRE Entertainment)

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  2. So pleased with this purchase. Great tunes, great cover…hilarious.