The Vegetable Orchestra have been around for over ten years and have found a good amount of success (over 2 million views on the Youtube video above), and yet managed to elude my attention, damn it, I’m clearly cooking with the wrong RSS feeds.

The collective is coming over to play a few shows in the US, and by a few I mean just two and unfortunately both are at some college campus where only a few hundred or so of stoned enlightened souls will get to experience this delicious (and good for you)  show.

US Shows:

11/3: Proctors, Schenectady / NY
11/6: Indianapolis Museum Of Art, Indianapolis / IN

They also have an album coming, on October 26th, it’s called “Onionoise”, I bet the tracks names are all puntastic. Something like “Carrock”, “Trip Hops”, “Korn” are  my terrible suggestion, the actual names are much more thought out.

Of course there should be a longer US tour, add So Percussion to the bill and other inspired souls who don’t take objects for granted.

Get more info about the “Onionoise” album and the band at their website