Vimeo, the better dressed and hence cooler cousin of video sharing, is a perfect organizer to bring online video into a sexy festival of short film. There will be screenings at 3 locations (IAC and Vimeo office building is one of them, that’s the boat sail building designed by Frank Ghery on the West Side Highway), as well as lectures on producing film in the digital age, artists like DJ Spooky will talk about their work, respected people will teach audiences how to upload their videos (kidding that part is really really easy) and of course much more.

We’re pleased to give away two tickets  to the festival taking place at venues around NYC on October 8&9th. I assume, after watching red  carpets, that people who go to film festivals would like bring someone with them so the tickets will go to one winner.

To enter email us at or @sentm on Twitter with your favorite video of from Vimeo.

Get all the info from the festival website.

This is a great video of Liars “Scissor” that’s up for an award in the Music Video category, we love Liars and we love this video.

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