Show, Fri 1st

Soars are in here let them out

Soars are back in town for their record release party (comes out October 5th) at Glasslands and I am very excited, they are one of my favorite bands right now, up close the effect they caused was of seeing some young band totally blow away the venue/mind and slack-jawed standing and thinking, “but, but, but that was so simple…yet so freaking good…and even new.” Basically delivering everything that I want from going to shows, which is that and a side of whiskey.

For this party they are joined by Columboid, Flower of Flesh and Blood and Arc in Round.

12:30 AM – SOARS (Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley, PA)
“Throw Yourself Apart” mp3 —
“Figurehead” mp3 —

11:30 PM – Columboid (Long Island City, NY)

10:30 PM – Arc In Round (Philadelphia, PA)

9:30 PM – Flower of Flesh and Blood (Brooklyn, NY)

9PM, Glasslands 289 Kent Ave, Brooklyn

Festival, Sat 2nd

Nuit Blanche, the festival of light that penetrates the darkness is making its first happening in New York this weekend on Saturday, October 2nd. The New York festival is officially named Bring To Light (should have went with Bright Lights, Big City, but that’s taken already), takes place on the Greenpoint waterfront (from Franklin St to the water). The stretch of abused land that opposite the midtown skyscrapers, one of the places where the city steps back and the towers rest in your palm.

Nuit Blanche has also been called Sleepless Night or White Night, the latter moniker from mid summer days in St. Petersburg where the sun does not set at all. New York being known for, well, pretty much a long string of sleepless nights, white nights, nightlife, seems like an ideal setting, although how exactly this will play out in with the remote stretches of the Greenpoint waterfront will have to be seen by you this Saturday.

Visit the Nuit Blanche site for the all the info.

This is a film that is called Nuit Blanche, it’s actually a part of the Vimeo Film Festival and it is included here because of the name and because it is beautiful.

Education, Sun 3rd

Well, this Sunday is my first writing class at the Chelsea Rep Lab (president Obama told me to), so I suggest you take a class in something that will forever expand, grow and terrify you. Or of course there’s always a couple of bloody marys and a lazy day watching DVDs of The Wire.