TURBOGEIST is playing at Bruar Falls (245 Grand st, Brooklyn, NY in a really fast voiceover), so what does this mean? It means you and I should go watch some famous spawn, in this case Mick Jagger’s son spawn, try their hand at the incredulous sport of music. Yes, the band is headlined by James Jagger, he’s handsome, and from the last time I saw them, the real spotlight should fall on the girlfriend/sister, who will hopefully be doing the phenomenal hair spin dance.

I think Daddy Long Legs and Edison Rocket Train are real bands that don’t stay at the Bowery Hotel Penthouse while selling like a couple of hundred records (that’s a not at all a subtle dig at Turbogeist), and DJ Mary Tyler Whore = yes please, fucking love the humor.

This show is definitely worth going to, for one, you can add a lot of ammo to the sanctimonious Pandora’s box of sneering hatred for those born to royalty, for two they’ll probably be big in a year or two, like Lady Gaga big, and you have to add that to your memories of what it was really like in Brooklyn in 2010. Also, it’s good looking people playing rock’n'rollers, so nothing can go wrong.

$8 Bruar Falls, 9PM

245 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY