Automatic Children’s anthemic, drum-fueled rock doesn’t back down.  Just when you think they’ve gone and given you the biggest blaster with their first track and single “Coming Over Me”, they roll on up with “Solitude”, singer/guitarist Crista Guiliani bringing on her heady Joan Jett-style sneer.  Creeping guitars on “The First Time” take a gritty, lo-fi turn, giving a breather at the disc’s halfway mark, and then “Little Stars”, its guitars laced a bit with “Lust For Life” inspiration, brings on another barnstormer, this time fronted by singer/guitarist Adam Lippman, who has quite a smooth croon.  Automatic Children are from NYC (with a show during CMJ 2010), but sound more like real deal rockers you’d discover somewhere in the middle of America, who have all the time in the world to polish their full-frontal songs.–Selina S. (a Sonicbids selection)

  1. Awesome sound! Guitarist is definitely great!