Gilles Peterson could make me listen to someone kicking a tin can and I would think it’s heavenly.  He is one of those voices and personalities that commands attention – in a good way.  With his soft-spoken, jazz-cat-like voice, never-miss picks and weekly BBC Radio 1 programme (syndicated in 15 countries) that captivates ears around the world, he is truly an explorer and excavator of new music, as he says, “connecting the musical dots” and “searching for the perfect beat.”   This hearty Worldwide compilation explores songs that premiered on Peterson’s show before anywhere else, proving that he is always ahead of the curve despite what “trends” are happening or what the consensus thinks the mainstream should be.  This album will be a musical mecca for anyone who considers themselves a true Gilles lover.  It’s hard to name-drop anyone on this album because the list will go on, but if Dizzee Rascal, M.I.A., Erykah Badu, Amerie, Sebastien Tellier and Benga mean anything to you, then get this album and do your music collection a major favor. (BBE) –Andrea D’Alessandro