Ah, the Fixed parties… takes me back to the days when open bars were stocked with the good stuff and getting hot and sweaty in the basement of a swanky bar could still feel somewhat undercover.  Simian Mobile Disco (James Ford and Jas Shaw) was a fixture at these parties, if not the core of what Fixed strove to stand for.  This would only make it right that SMD would mix the first in a series of albums celebrating this party; a night of underground techno/electro/disco that brought artists to the forefront, always featuring an array of names who were on the covert, but on their way up (Erol Alkan, Ewan Pearson anyone?)  

Launched in 2004 by DJs JDH and Dave P at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, it was the perfect potion of a luxe vibe that makes Manhattan’s underground electronic scene glitter combined with the raw desire to showcase up-and-coming and current stars of this genre and the genres that weave into it.  

Granted, this compilation is no small feat for the next mixer-upper.  Brain Machine’s “Eternal Night” makes it feel like a heady 3AM-er while SMD’s own “Nerve Salad” takes center-stage, Hot Chip’s “One Life Stand” (Carl Craig Mix) keeps things going, as Delia Derbyshire’s “Dreams” send me in a taxi, my head down, drifting off into a psychedelic Anglo amibent dream.  All in all, it was a good night with the perfect soundtrack. (Defend Music) –Andrea D’Alessandro