Dada is what this onslaught of double double entendres makes me feelBands playing CMJ 2010 with double names listed in order of actions that I will perform during each day of the festival.

14. Blip Blip Bleep 
13. Blah Blah Blah
12. Skeet Skeet
11. Gobble Gobble
10. Wakey Wakey
9.   High Highs
8.   Smile Smile
7.   Champagne Champagne
6.   Kiss Kiss
5    Dark Dark Dark
4.   TVTV
3.   Radio Radio 
2.   Blackbird Blackbird
1.   Everything Everything

Aside from the Dada again, I think the concrete reason for the rise of doubled names is due to the need to find a website address/myspace/tumblr for the band after the making up the band name. Also, repetition is memorable.

What was the first double name (Duran Duran seems too late in history)?

  1. and triple! And this page collects bands with double names: