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CMJ Preview: Some Official Showcase Picks

Of course, this selection of official showcases is by no means exhaustive and is not even representative of all of …Read the Rest

19 Oct 2010 | More

CMJ Preview: Anti-CMJ Shows (All’s Fair in Love, War and Rock and Roll)

The typical metaphor for competitive interaction between a large and established, and small and nimble, entity is the battle between David and …Read the Rest

19 Oct 2010 | 3 comments | More

The Duke Spirit Preview New Song, Play Key U.S. Dates in November

UK’s The Duke Spirit will unveil a few new songs during special shows in New York and LA in the coming weeks. The Duke Spirit are scheduled to co-headline the KCRW Halloween Masquerade Costume Ball on October 30 in LA before arriving in NYC for a one-off performance at Santos Party House on November 3.

19 Oct 2010 | More