The typical metaphor for competitive interaction between a large and established, and small and nimble, entity is the battle between David and Goliath, however more often than not, businesses do not seek to kill each other off. It wouldn’t be of any great benefit for Goliath to smash David if instead he could think about it for a second and utilize David’s skills for tool-making, thereby having to do less work. Of course, for that to happen, Goliath would need to have a couple of more brain cells and their meeting would need to be taken out of the context of war, which is why this particular story is not suited to describe the relationship between most businesses and in this particular case, the relationship between CMJ and the Anti-CMJ shows.

Anti-CMJ shows are of two different philosophies but with one common resource, the resource being shared is the audience that is inherently been building up due to CMJ’s continual success; meaning, it brings this audience to see new bands. The philosophies are defined by the size of the promoter, Pitchfork, in one corner, is an entity with as many resources as CMJ and is likely hoping to grow to its size. In a few years, perhaps we will all be going to the Pitchfork Festival around this time of year and CMJ will be the small side show in a single venue. In the other corner are the DIY venues, promoters and audiences who are a little bit tired and visually disgusted with the smattering of corporate logos that now covers every inch of the official showcases.

Here is a selection of this year’s unofficial shows, and of course this selection tends toward the larger shows, as the DIY scene is everywhere.


Lady Bree Anti CMJ Poster
Lady Bree Presents a very hot and smart line-up and at Don Pedro’s, the doors open at 8 PM. $6

Human Resources
Tennis System
Sounds Of Kaleidoscope
Electric Tickle Machine
Food Stamps

(Click poster to enlarge)


L Magazine Showcase  is a day show at The Pyramid in Brooklyn, Kent ave. and S1st around the corner from Glasslands from 2PM – 7PM. Free

L gushes for a moment about their show:  ”If you allow us a moment to gush, we’ll tell you the lineup includes SistersDarlingsFamily TreesAndrew Cedermark,Luke Rathborne and Slow Animal, and that our eyes have little hearts coming out of them just looking at their names. We’re pretty excited about the whole thing.”

(Click poster to enlarge)

Lady Bree Anti CMJ poster 23rd

Lady Bree Presents another killer lineup Anti-CMJ Party at Party Xpo, doors open at 5PM and the show goes on until 4AM. $7.

The Unstoppable Death Machines
The Never Evers
Tennis System (DC)
Pet Ghost Project
Girlfriends (BOSTON)
Food Stamps

(Click poster to enlarge)

10/21 – 10/23

Pitchfork is all cheeky with naming their three day extravaganza at Brooklyn Bowl #Offline, as you see, it’s not online but it’s still using a hash tag which means either the operator has hung up on you or some dumb viral thing is happening on twitter. I think #IRL would have been better get some of the forum users out of the forum wood work.  Each day of this will cost you $10.


Dave Sitek/Maximum Balloon (Dj Set)
Surfer Blood
Wild Nothing
Gold Panda
Small Black
Beach Fossils
Times New Viking
Lower Dens
Dent May
Dominique Young Unique


Avey Tare (DJ Set)
Zola Jesus
How To Dress Well
Marnie Stern
Cloud Nothings
Candy Claws
Sun Airway
Andrew Cedermark
Big Troubles


Treasure Fingers
Freddie Gibbs
Matthew Dear
Ty Segall
Active Child
Diamond Rings
Lord Huron

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