Ma Mentor at Pianos:  Northern Ireland was nicely represented to kick off this Great Escape showcase on the first night of CMJ 2010, seeing that this band was on the stage and Tim Wheeler of Ash was in the crowd.

Ma Mentor, with the spicy single “I Can Electrick”, put forth some glowing, slow and melodic guitar-driven sounds. I love the fact that this trio first met and bonded while doing a stint at a three-week medical trial in London last January. The rest is surely history.

City Riots at Pianos:  The band put on a great show, made even more amazing considering the fact that they had to borrow all of their equipment. The charismatic frontman engaged the crowd with countless anecdotes throughout the night. They’re currently on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins.

Fenech-Soler at Pianos:  Dance ready, dapper and soulful at the same time, brewing up their own “cult of romance” without missing a beat.

This fine-browed and classy UK quartet, from quaint Northamptonshire, put on a stomping electropop show with charming vocals reminiscent of the best of the 80′s.

Viva City at Ace of Clubs: My top show of the night. Fast and furious electro indie from Newcastle, England. So roaring that I have to check out their next show at the Bowery Poetry Club on Saturday, sans camera.

Infernal Devices at Ace of Clubs: Steampunk-styled, dance electro duo from Greenpoint, Brooklyn who bonded over their love of 80′s sci-fi and electropop.  Put on a great show with their fabulous Phenomatron (the “middle” boxy musician pictured above) but with only 4 people in the audience.  Once we realized there was nobody in the room (blame the remote location of the venue, not the band!), we all just danced our butts off.–Words and Photos by Tear-n Tan

  1. VIVA CITY – the UK’s HOTTEST new electro rock band, are currently on their **Programmed to PARTY!** tour in the US, playing the massive CMJ music festival, the Viper Room Hollywood and Vegas!
    Viva City have been compared in the UK + US press to The Prodigy, Depeche Mode and Pendulum, and hailed as ‘Sheer Genius’ by the legendary Tom Robinson. Having toured with him at the start of October, top BBC Radio 1 DJ KissySellOut said after the show: “Massively impressed by Viva City’s live performance. Best band I’ve seen in a while!” Praising their edgy, darkly hypnotic sound, David Sinclair, The Times said their music is: “As if the Prodigy suddenly discovered how to write good tunes”.
    Tour dates:
    • October 13: Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA
    • October 16: The Bunkhouse, Las Vegas, NV
    • October 19: CMJ @ Ace Of Clubs, New York City, NY
    • October 23: CMJ at the Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY
    • October 25: Ottobar, Baltimore, MD
    • October 26: Fontana’s, New York City, NY
    • October 27: The Saint. Asbury Park, NJ
    • October 28: ND at 501 Studios, Austin TX
    • October 29: Meridian, Houston, TX
    • October 30: Maxine’s, Hot Springs, AR.

    More info is at
    Go enjoy!