two Chapel Clubbers

London’s Chapel Club played a short, but impassioned set at Littlefield in the Gowanus in good ol’ Brooklyn. The black box of a venue, with its low stage, seemed very intimate. Unfortunately, the handful of people in the room made it feel uncomfortably less so, especially with the 10 to 15 feet of distance separating the oddly timid crowd from the stage.

All the Chapel Clubbers together

The Londoners had some beautiful, ethereal sounds with added distortion and super sweet melodies. Unfortunately, it was hard to experience much of their music’s lushness because of the sound system. The vocals were hardly discernible and the screeching feedback was a major distraction. During “The Shore”, the trouble started to be really noticeable, as singer Lewis Bowman mentioned he was really enjoying the song until it was “destroyed by the feedback.” Despite the technical mishaps, Bowman seemed to revel in the moment as he grasped the mic and looked up into the lights, closing his eyes to savor each second, or at other breaks, just looking into the audience, who seemed so far away.

This is a band I have to see again under better circumstances because of the poor quality sound at Littlefield. When the sound was “on,” the melodies were intricate and fuzzed, with varied 90′s influences. Tonight, the stage interference got in the way of a smooth set, but, on second take, I’m sure they’d raise rafters.  Tomorrow, let’s see, at the Levi’s Fader Fort.–Words and photos by Tear-n Tan