Among the many acts included on the PopJustice + High Rise PR CMJ showcase on Wednesday were Delilah, ArpLine and Sherlock’s Daughter. I only caught a portion of Delilah’s set, but the trio, lead by model Jamie Burke, rocked with some seriously punchy grunge and punk-influenced tunes.

A groovy set from Brooklyn’s psychedelic indie electro quintet ArpLine was next, kicking off with a newer song, “Silver’s Golden Age.”  I overheard someone in the audience say, “They sound like Suicide!”  The bouncy “Fold up like a Piece of Paper” had lead singer Sam Tyndall doing his jogging dance onstage.  One of the two strings on Tyndall’s guitar broke early on, so “Parts Unknown” was played with only one but still was as wonderfully trippy and jamming as ever.  After mentioning that the string had been on for six years, Tyndall joked that he’d had pets that didn’t last that long.  ArpLine then closed with the heavy bass and glam-infused “Weekend in the Colonies.”

Next was an exuberant performance from the always charming Sherlock’s Daughter.  Lead by singer/multi-instrumentalist Tanya Horo, the band captivated with melodic dream-pop songs of varied influences and a lively stage presence.  The set opened with the mellow “Reprise” and included the superb new song “Giordano Bruno,” with its prominent ukulele and glockenspiel, the epic “Song for Old People,” and “In the End.” -- Teresa Sampson, Photos by Teresa Sampson