Thursday night started off at Webster Hall with New York’s very own Penguin Prison showcasing doing their funky/R & B/pop sounds reminiscent of the Top 40 charts in the 1980s.  Singer and sole creative force behind the “group,” Chris Glover’s vocal stylings seemed to echo the erstwhile (and current The Social Network star) Justin Timberlake at times, and that’s not a bad thing. Seems that the BBC-recommended (seriously, Zane Lowe loves them) Penguin Prison also has their minds on their money and their money on their minds, as a common theme shone through in song titles from the night including “Don’t Fuck with My Money” and “Multi-Millionaire.” 

Up next on the night at Webster Hall was Northern Ireland’s highly buzzy Two Door Cinema Club.  With a sea of back-handed Xs marking the crowd, it was expected that the venue would be filled with more dancing  and less posturing.  The guys seemed super excited about their second time in the States, as bassist Alex Baird revealed that he had so much fun while on our shores that he needed to get “a stitch.”  With the ground steadily thumping and moving throughout the night, the many Two Door fans in attendance enjoyed their favorites “Undercover Martyn,” “I Can Talk,” and “Do You Want It All.” Oh, and yes, Ash’s Tim Wheeler was there to support his fellow countrymen.

It was then off to Santos Party House to wait for over an hour to get into the venue, just to see my California hometown represented to the hilt.  The west coast’s Shwayze (aka rapper Aaron Smith) put on a dynamic show with partner in crime Cisco Adler (formerly of Whitestarr notoriety), to a predominantly female-filled front row.  Throughout the night Shwayze kept asking for weed as the scent wafted onto the stage.  Turns out, it was actually coming from backstage, not the audience.  With super catchy, melody-driven songs like “Sally Is A…,”  “Livin’ It Up,” and “Maneatrr” from 2009′s Let it Beat, it’s not hard to get into that groove, even if Shwayze’s hip hop/indie rock fusion is not your thing.

–Tear-n Tan, Photos by Tear-n Tan

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