The Living Room, known for mellow musings (similar to Los Angeles’ Hotel Café), is probably not where you’d expect to see the lead singer of The Library is on Fire on stage, but Steve Five’s quieter side was on display for his solo acoustic set there on Wednesday night, where he performed a set of Nick Drake covers at the 2:59 Records CMJ Showcase.  Five has always cited Drake as a big influence and during his early musical days spent a year learning to play Drake’s songs.  With just an acoustic guitar and a hushed voice – the opposite of his Library stage presence, Five delighted with a short but sweet set that included “Pink Moon,” “Things Behind The Sun,” “From the Morning,” “Hazey Jane I,” and an especially charming rendition of “Clothes of Sand.”  Even more reserved than usual, Five’s only comment between songs was that he figured he shouldn’t feel so bad about flubbing, which he did only once on a guitar note during the otherwise impeccable set, since Nick Drake himself was known for doing just that onstage.  While Five definitely has the potential to become the next big thing in folk, fans of The Library is on Fire need not worry, as the band is currently working on a new album due out next year, and the new Brother Earth album (Five’s other side project) is soon to be released as well. -- Teresa Sampson, Photo by Teresa Sampson