My final jaunt for CMJ 2010 was the sardine tin-packed Cantora Records Showcase at Bowery Electric.  A sign on one of the walls said something to the effect of occupancy by more than 108 is unlawful, but there were at least twice that many in the room, with more trying to get in, and the scene had a definite indie dance party vibe.  I arrived in time to see the last two acts, the Brooklyn-based (both!) Bear Hands and BRAHMS, who’ve also both opened for Passion Pit.

Bear Hands rocked with a crowd-pleasing set of quirky tunes with post-punk leanings, catchy rhythms and swirly guitars. Songs included the singles “Golden” and “What a Drag,” as well as “Can’t Stick ‘Em” and “Crime Pays.”  The band’s full-length debut, Burning Bush Supper Club will be released on Cantora Records in November.

One of my current favorites, BRAHMS, never fails to please, and they were in top form for this late (1AM) set.  If the fatigue was setting in (this was the band’s seventh CMJ showcase this week), the guys weren’t showing it as they churned out another groovy set of indie-electronica that was well worth the wait.  In the set were three new songs, including the sexy slower jam, “Add it Up,” as well as old favorites “Subtext is Deadly and “Toward the Ghost.” -- Teresa Sampson, Photos by Teresa Sampson

  1. [...] Cantora Records Showcase at Bowery Electric was packed beyond capacity, with an atmosphere was … electric.  The final act [...]