The flaxen-haired, London actor/musician with razor sharp lyrics akin to the greatest of bards is a looker, it’s official. Girls in line waiting to get in with their badges are saying it. Boys are blushing and singing along. I think one of the Brits with Johnny on the brain tonight was here with Katie Harkin of Sky Larkin too.

Flynn takes the stage solo (meaning, with no Sussex Wit to back him). He’s brought his acoustic guitar but no mandolin on this trip, so though many here tonight are shouting early on for the stomper “Cold Bread”, he says we’ll have to go without since he doesn’t know it on guitar. No worries, Johnny, since songs like “The Box” and “The Wrote & the Wit”, from his debut A Larum, and new ones off the latest, Been Listening (out Oct. 26th in the U.S.), are ablaze with emotion.  A holy experience indeed.

An hour or so after at Public Assembly next door for the Øya Festival/Filter Magazine showcase, it’s quite a different scene, far away from the Brits. Here, it’s a hyper Nordic crowd with no qualms about smoking indoors, making ready for the likes of Oh Land, the theatrical Danish electropop bombshell who left her life as a ballet dancer to make a name for herself as solo pop performer. (She’s not just all about her looks, legs and cheekbones; she’s got quite a talented family lineage to back her up with an opera singer for a mother and theater organist dad).

Oh Land seems larger than life, distant yet regal in a clingy, svelte black outfit and wild platform boots. She’s a one-woman spellbinder with hits like “Son of a Gun”, whose stage set isn’t complete without her pink balloon projections and shiny black light box on wheels.  Her synthy songs didn’t blow me away, but she’s definitely got a stage persona that kills.–Madeline Virbasius