We’ve covered the bands, done the (usually) enthusiastic showcase reports, provided the pictures.  But what does the CMJ Music Marathon really add up to?  It’s all about finally seeing bands discovered in passing or heard about in the blogs or on the streets, it’s about meeting up with friends from the West Coast or overseas, and always, stumbling upon some amazing surprise acts in between. We’ve been there, done that but there’s always something new to shake things up.

Tonight, on the last night of CMJ Music Marathon 2010, the beer-soaked finale at the Fader Fort blew us away: It wasn’t Waka Flocka Flame since he was illin’, but a last minute headliner switch: the Brooklyn-based, svelte and stylish Theophilus London took over the stage. He’s a one man wonder, with slick dance moves akin to Jackson, warm, soul-loving pipes and fresh banter.

A few songs in, Theophilus called out to Dev Hynes (aka Lightspeed Champion) as guest to perform their single “Flying Overseas” (a romantic, harmony-laden tune about bringing your lady to an exotic locale), and the crowd went mad.

Later, he asked the pretty ladies to come join him in the front row instead of the hordes of photographers, and gave out a nod to local fans in the house, calling out for us to make some noise for our home borough or city. Of course, Brooklyn won out, but as he says, “Brooklyn’s always in the house.” Then he called out to any islanders in the room and swiveled his hips to his groove-laden cover of Nat King Cole’s “Calypso Blues”, inspired by the Caribbean and with added lyrics “I just want to fuck”, he blasted the room into a full-on dance party.--Madeline Virbasius