Mick Rock’s show of photographs, “Exposed”, and book launch, presented by Creem Magazine with Russian Standard Vodka, opened this week to a packed house at the Morrison Hotel Gallery. Since the event had a strict guest list, it was full of downtown lovelies, local music stars as well as quite a few colorful rockers past the prime age when ripped stockings and chest baring shirts are advisable or savory. Neither Lady Gaga nor Bowie, however, made an appearance.

I asked a woman taking a photograph of a photograph of Kate Moss with spiky hair if that was her and if she was taking a self-portrait (though signs clearly stated photography was prohibited at the exhibit as it was already full of photographs). Her eyes lit up and she said “Wow, that is a really big compliment”. That was the only funny thing.

The Russian Standard vodka ran out just as we got to the bar, but it makes sense that this being a show mainly of iconic rock photos, it would attract the kind of crowd that can clear out six to seven cases of vodka in under an hour. A young woman in front of me at the now dry bar line just pointed to the giant promotional bottle on the table and repeatedly asked, “what about that one?”

And yes, the artist was present. As we got into the depths of the exhibit, at the back and center of the room, Mick Rock was talking with Jimmy Fallon. This was a nice touch, since Mick Rock took a photograph of Jimmy Fallon which was in the gallery and available for sale ($1500) and Jimmy Fallon is on TV. Men with bald spots and cameras were wheeling around furiously trying to capture every angle, which means that this should be on the news or something, or maybe shown at a different gallery opening as a video piece comment on paparazzi later on.

On the way back ran into Adam Green, who was going to perform as himself later in the night. He wore his signature straw sailor kid cap, motorcycle jacket and somewhat glassy eyes; everyone was trying to touch him because he is very funny on stage and off and has a nice, deep voice.


Green’s manic performance that night later at the Varvatos store next door was definitely the shamanistic topper for this flashy rock and roll night. The video above says it all.

photo of Mick Rock, Jimmy Fallon and Russian Standard Vodka model by David X Prutting/BFAnyc.com

The show runs through Sunday, October 31. Happy Halloween.