Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones have a Canadian sound, and though I’m not exactly sure what that means, certain parts on this 4-song EP do remind me a bit of earlier work by Montreal’s The Stills. On the opening track, “We Use Our Hands”, a methodically dissonant guitar and bass chorus works with the airy, smooth vocals of Ben Fox, as if there’s trouble in the lush wilderness. Arrangements are seemingly simple on the surface yet structured in a sometimes off-kilter way that adds contrast and depth, as on the provocative single “Birthright”, with its initial shock jolt of guitar and haunting, long-held vocals, pleading, “do it again.” (Dine Alone Records)--Celine

  1. [...] quintet Dinosaur Bones impressed us late last year with their Birthright EP, leading our reviewer to extoll singer Ben Fox’s “airy, smooth vocals,” and the [...]