Mount Kimbie – Blind Night Errand

These are the upstanding young gents behind Mount Kimbie, pictured as they are absolutely terrifying a young fan of theirs in some sort of basement karaoke jam. I believe they have been singing to her for at least 3 hours mostly non-stop, only taking breaks for a refill of Meow Meow and gin. Considering their music is mostly glitch-blat-badum-pause-dub, I can imagine the vocoders their voices are coming through are sold in the evil section of the music store.

This image makes me wish very much that they would come over stateside and do a short little tour. I think they are riding around in their terror van, full of records, around Europe for the foreseeable future (future is until 2011). Come over and terrify us with your serenade, ya bastards.

Mount Kimbie – Would Know


The Suzan - Moskow Diskow

The Suzan’s Moskow Diskow is a cover of a new wave-techno-pop song by Telex, a Belgian group whose original, released in 1979, became a hit as the rumbling of electronica was sweeping across Europe. The Suzan are from Japan, so you know you’re in for a technicolor treat here.

Here’s a video for the original by Telex - Moscow Disco


And this is a live performance of The Suzan – You Know Nothing, this is all dirty guitars and attitude

DiscoveryGo Go Go, one of the two bands titled Discovery, the other Discovery being a side project of Wes Miles and Rostam Batmanglij  (Vampire Weekend/Ra-Ra-Ra Riot). The “battle” over the name was sparked by an article in the WSJ about there being not enough names to sell to hedge-funds or something, and is outlined in this Village Voice article with eye-batting sarcasm.

I’ve met Kathleen Cholewka, the lead lady of this Discovery, before I’ve heard about the Vampire Weekend/Ra-Ra-Ra Riot side project, so for me she is the better known Discovery who led me to discover the VW Discovery. But I also agree with one of Camille’s notes in the VV article that at the time of the high visibility of the band name clash, this Discovery could have up’d the ante with better tracks on their myspace.

I Dazzler – Jungle Walk

I found this young artist in the the “yes in my backyard” music dating column by Christopher Weingarten, the always swearing music writer who looks like a music writer (hence VV recently suggested going dressed as him for Halloween.) As far as I know (hope), Christopher did not do any swearing when interviewing (over email) the presumably soft-spoken Lauren Austin Wood. She mentioned that as far as playing a live show: “I might have to be behind a video screen or wear a veil or a ghost outfit or something.” I would so suggest that we (err, someone who can actually make outfits and/or has a video screen contact us) start working on that. Browse her myspace for more tracks.