This is what I got from the first viewing: P-Thugg and Dave 1 formerly of Chromeo are two Sheriff’s deputies in ‘Hot Mess’ county, but they have been bad at their job and so the Sheriff portrayed by a young attractive woman orders them to hand in their guns. They do so very reluctantly but are stared down by other Sheriff deputies, who are also portrayed by young attractive women. The camera follows the two men through the Sheriff’s offices where many detectives stare at them and make threatening gestures. All of the detectives are also played by attractive women. The women are of all types, wait no, they are of different colored skin but they are all the same size, skinny and maybe tall, it’s difficult to judge without another viewing for some comparison to the scenery.

P. Thugg and Dave 1 are making their way past the county jail where unwashed men are giving them high-fives and exchange hand shakes with the two. I think I see the reason why they were fired, probably fraternizing with the criminals, but also there is the theme that only the two of them and the criminals are male and they are surrounded by women. Aggresive and attractive women who would not take no for an answer. I think I see the problem that this caused for our two young heroes.

It’s like that Kate Moss joke: a guy survives a shipwreck and swims to a tiny island. He thinks: ‘wow I’m screwed, there’s nothing here’, when all of a sudden Kate Moss shows up, naked of course, and says ‘Hey, I’m Kate, I saw you land and I think you must be starving. Come with me there’s everything we need on the other side.’

Long story short this schmuck and Kate Moss are living in bliss on this beautiful island, but he’s starting to get strange and restless and finally one night after a few beverages he says to her: ‘Here, can you please put on this ugly outfit’, she at first resists but then says: ‘Fine, sure, coco nuts’. Then he says: ‘And this beard I made as well’, so she puts on this whole outfit and looks like an ugly dude (I don’t know how this is possible, but it was). So our schmuck survivor is all giddy now and leans in really close to this ‘dude’ and whispers: “Dude, I’m fucking Kate Moss!!!!”

So, similarly, in the ‘Hot Mess’ there is the story of female and male bonding and the differences therein, this is why they were friends with the prisoners and why they were willing to get in trouble for it. This is the path that our heroes are walking on through the Sheriff’s station locker room, where most of the other officers are in various states of undress, beckoning them and threatening them at the same time. Frustrated with the mixture of signals, or perhaps just hungry they try to leave the station. However, instead, the Lieutenant (or possibly Major, not sure of the rank by those  epaulettes) blocks the exit and orders Thug and Dave to go into the…sauna and the pool area of this Sheriff’s station in the ‘Hot Mess’ County. In that area are many  writhing females,  doing synchronized dancing in the pool and regular dancing out of the pool while the two make their way through. They could not possibly look less out of place in this scene, which was in lock-step with the plot and spirit of this video, in other words good acting for skinny man and big man with hair all over.

Some other things happened, I’m a guy, so I mostly just zoned out over the next minute, just watching the various dancing and enjoying life. Then all of a sudden P.Thugg and Dave 1 were in their squad car shown from up high above and they were presumably back on the force (so pardoned and forgiven and the cycle is complete), patrolling the I assume very dangerous streets of ‘Hot Mess’ County and as the camera pans around their car we find ourselves in…DUMBO. Yes, yessiree, just looking out over the Manhattan bridge overpass onto Empire State building, that stretch of Washington st., that is always jam packed with camera toting people who have no regard to traffic. I think it’s a bloody metaphor then, I think they just called Kings County a Hot Mess County. I think this video was all dress up and they weren’t real deputies, I think they were in that fetish joint over in Gowanus the whole time.

This track is off of Chromeo’s Business Casual album available now.

  1. That that fetish joint, that, that fetish joint?


    zabatay Reply:

    @Finesse, Much love for hanging onto the last word.