On the record, my grand-grand dad was clobbered by a container he was unloading at Red Hook because no-one gave a shit about harnesses (the same happened with the collapsing cranes 70 years later), my grandfather was fired because he thought there was something to these “unions” that was worth it. ┬áHis favorite bar was according to him, “crazy” (sumashestvie), it was over on like 45th and 9th and, oh my, over the years I learned that what made it crazy is that women (mostly I guess, wink wink hookers) were allowed inside. Fucking crazy indeed. When I tell him about films being played on rooftops or real life lover couples doing it in bathrooms he just shakes his head and says: “that is out of control”, or generally something like: “what the fuck”, is more like what he would say. Similar to insanity, if New York is too clean around you then it’s only because you are too clean.

(this song is good, that’s why we have songs, tell it, feel it, ┬ámove it further)

  1. What was the point of this post? My own reaction, sorry, this song is good, but it’s about how a favorite LES bar now gets different patrons and the bartenders changed. Fucking vapid.