I’m kicking off the first column of November with some sex magick for ya earz- a nike7upmix (his second to latest), so turn the volume up to the max and blast a mix that straight up murders it.


And if you loved that, check out his latest mix, “So Real NIKE7UP belong to”, on the dude’s myspace.com/nike7up which he dropped last week! Sadly, no video version of this sick ass remix exists as of yet.

According to Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, of the prestigious medical journal Psychology Today, intelligent people do more drugs. I guess this means I’m a genius.

Couch Surfing On Meth Island
(Dudes on mushrooms escorted by police motorcade see UFO, surprise!!!?!11)

Diatribe: The Occult

The ideal occult superhuman is a fearless, trailblazing visionary who is a creator not simply of paradigm shifting art, but fundamentally a seer and creator of the future itself, while droves of timid little sheep trail in his chaotic wake taking copious notes.

Up The Down Stairs

Those select few who I’ve referenced above, who have that preternatural, instinctual feel for the future, and this applies to all art forms, whether they be popular music or mathematics or painting or theoretical physics, these pioneers, whatever their field, are what I define as the visionary occult elite. I use the term “visionary occult elite” simply because being and seeing the future is a preeminent occult value. The famous Nobel prize winning theoretical physicist Murray Gell-Mann was unanimously described by his colleagues as having a “nose for the future.”

A dark future is on the horizon for the human race, an exciting, cataclysmic future that I’m looking forward to, a strange, unpredictable future where the speed of change will become so blindingly fast it will likely end in a rupture of the fabric of human history itself.

In this video, theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Michio Kaku talks about invisibility cloaks, programmable matter, the likelihood that mankind will destroy itself, the technological singularity, and the possibility of immortality (i.e. the foundation of the Occult: Becoming Godlike.)

Alexander the Great could only dream of immortality, but it is now on our race’s horizon.

There’s a rush of narcotic exhilaration when I take a step back and look at the big historical picture and realize how fast things are changing right now. But what’s even stranger, especially when you see the big picture, is that it seems this RATE of change is increasing exponentially.

But yeah, things are going to get dark real fast.

The Nov. 1st – 15th Screwgaze report

[people outside the genre commonly refer to it as witch-house (If anybody knows who coined that term, let me know so I can shank him, I mean thank him, for being so lame) while the people making the music itself call it drag, ghost drone, death crunk, screw gaze or simply prefer not to define it at all.]

Six days ago, Balam Acab, the legendary teenage uber-prodigy producer that is Alex Koone, released a video of the “Sun remix” of his wicked single, “See Birds.” This remix of “See Birds”, which closed out his mesmerizing debut EP, was released fifty-five days ago on Tri Angle Records. This video is an otherworldly optical illusion, and if you have epileptic kids, don’t let them watch this; it nearly gave me a seizure upon viewing, and you need to see why. Seeing this for the first time is a spiritual experience. The ordered chaos of white noise, self-organizing into transcendent fractal godlikeness, is similar to the religious experience that is being in a k-hole.

Balam Acab – See Birds (Sun Remix)


For Comparison Balam Acab – See Birds (Moon)

Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, aka my two favorite ladies of the night who make up the band CREEP, have just announced early December as the release date for the their upcoming single “Days,” on the record label Young Turks (The xx, Wavves, Holy Fuck), featuring guest vocals by none other than Romy Madley-Croft of The xx.


CREEP – Days (Intro)

The productive maniacs who comprise the Salem crew have been dropping one bombshell after another these past two weeks. Every day something apocalyptically brand new drops either by or about these OG Screwgaze heads, so where do I even begin?


How about the inside scoop that dem Salem boys (and girl) are mobbing up with Lil B, aka the “Lil’ Based God” of the San Francisco YAY Area!

And if wasn’t enough, they dropped a remix last week that is definitely on point with their best output to date. Their Gucci Mane remixes are some of the illest hip hop remixes I’ve ever heard, and the news of a collaboration with one of the most swag heads in the game simply twisted my mind with anticipatory frenzy.


Gucci Mane – Round One (Salem Remix)

The production on this track not only makes me feel like I’m in some bizarre alternate dimension, it actually sounds like an alien produced it.

On Nov. 4th, The New York Times did a feature article in which Salem factored preeminently, entitled “Dj Screws Legacy Seeping Out of Houston, Slowly.

King Night charted at 22 on Rough Trade’s “100 Best Albums of 2010″ list.

Salem’s Jack clocked in at 43 on the cool list of 2010 in the November issue of NME. The quote said under Jack’s picture read: “…hipster who claims to like being ill and finds creativity from liberal drug abuse and self-imposed sleep deprivation.”

What the fuck?! Is occultism now synonomous with zany hipster lame-ism? Are we supposed to believe worshipping Satan is the new common denominator of hipsterdom? I could have sworn the irony=>apathy of these walking clichés precluded any worship or affirmation whatsoever.

Number 14 on the list was Zola Jesus who was described as follows: “Zola’s been aligned with the hipster-y witch house scene, but it’s her distinctiveness, not her zeitgeistness, that makes her so cool.”

So now the whole “scene” now is “hipster-y”?!?! I’ve seen this maddening allusion countless other times in countless ignorant press pieces; these are just two examples of many.

Let’s get one thing straight. The authentic hipster, and this is a positive use of the term, is the genius visionary creator. The actual common denominator of the mind-numbing cliché that encompasses zany, inauthentic hipsterdom, on the other hand, is an excessive, nauseating degree of irony. The postmodern cliché inauthentic hipster’s obsession with irony is a product of the postmodern deconstruction of philosophical truth. This is the foundation of the rudderless postmodern valueless dilemma.

The entry level “nth” generation inauthentic hipster scum that currently infests the (L)oser train to Williamsburg [Ed: the writer obviously never takes the L] are the foul, diseased afterbirth of this existential dilemma, this postmodern ironic cluster fuck.

Clothing by King Gurvy

This brand new, exquisitely dark Screwgaze sound is a bellwether of the Nekst, a bellwether of a hypermodern age which has arrived in full force. How refreshing is it that the Screwgaze scene is not ironic? It affirms, rather that negates,- a reaction to the postmodern sickness, a reaction that is diabolically transcendent. This blazing, fertile new micro-genre, rapidly proliferating into what will soon be a bona fide genre, actually affirms real, non-ironic values, the primary value being the occult shadow of our human condition.

The occult is founded on the tenet of man becoming God, a tenet which chillingly parallels future-forward singularity-driven fringe science. Join my cult of sex magick occult hackers!

This dark future, these black, tumultuous waters in which humanity will inevitably find itself engulfed, will be dangerous. We must heed the hypermodern visionary par excellence, Friedrich Nietzsche, who implored us to “live dangerously!” To become Godlike is to live and love dangerously, become the highest degree fearless and uphold risk as our as our most sacred, highest value.

Geraldo Rivera is a 9/11 truther now?!?!(!111!)


“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”–Carl Jung, The Philosophical Tree, Ch. 13 Alchemical Studies

Images used in the column discovered by Lizzy Lizard Joyce.

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